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Your lawn is the first thing people see when they visit or drive past your home or business. Wouldn't you prefer to make a good first impression? At Lawn Doctor, we help Littleton, MA property owners improve their curb appeal with our lawn treatment and fertilizer services. Proper lawn maintenance takes hard work and dedication, and many people simply don't have the time to care for their lawns as they should. That's where we come in.

Keep Your Property in Littleton, MA Looking Great

Our lawn treatment and fertilization services, Hybrid Program, are designed to keep any property looking its best, and with flexible scheduling and service plans, there's a package that's right for everyone. With our help, you won't have to worry about weed invasions or unruly grass. Just sign up for one of our lawn care packages and we'll take care of the rest.

Hybrid Program: Stage 1 – We apply fertilizer to help promote an early spring green up and recover from winter stress. We also apply a custom 1 application pre-emergent for season long crabgrass control. We will apply broad leaf weeds control as needed.

Hybrid Program: Stage 2* – We will continue to improve your lawns color with a treatment with a custom organic fertilizer. Broad leaf weeds will become active at this time and we will be treating them accordingly.

Hybrid Program: Stage 3* – Summer conditions may stress and weaken your lawn. We start to apply a special blend of organic fertilizers to give the soil and turf important nutrients to minimize any damage. We also check for weeds and surface insects and treat accordingly.

Hybrid Program: Stage 4* – We will continue to apply a special blend of organic fertilizer to help the lawn recover from any stress due to summer conditions. We will also treat for weeds accordingly.

Hybrid Program: Stage 5* – This is a special blend of organic fertilizers to help encourage new root growth and assist in thickening the lawn. We will continue to check for weeds and treat them accordingly.

Hybrid Program: Stage 6* – This important fall organic fertilizer strengthens the root system for winter survival and supplies important nutrients for an early spring green up. We also check for weeds and treat accordingly.

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